IQAS Proficiency Testing


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IQAS Advantages

  • Select the IQAS kit configuration that contains the sample types (neat or mixture) your lab needs
  • Report serological and/or DNA results each quarter
  • Report autosomal STR, Y-STR, and/or mitochondrial DNA results with each test
  • Use the IQAS Proficiency Test Management Portal to order, assign, and track your proficiency tests; download results submission forms; and submit results
  • Receive an email confirming your results have been submitted

Accuracy of Results

  • Results submission forms display the loci in the same order as they appear on the electropherograms for the STR kit(s) used
  • Submitted results are uploaded directly into the IQAS database eliminating the need for data entry and minimizing the incidence of transcription errors
  • Target values are compiled from consensus results obtained from at least two pre-distribution testing and/or participant laboratories

Role of Subcontractors

  • Some portions of a proficiency testing scheme may be subcontracted
  • Bode is responsible for the subcontractors’ work